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The Pomeranian dog is the smallest breed descended from the Spitz family, an ancient group from the Arctic. It was named right after the Pomerania region in Central Europe, which is now Germany and Poland. It didn’t came from that region, but developing and breeding it was carried out there. It’s small, and has been categorized as a toy breed dog due to its toy size. Aside from its size, it is also renowned for its round coat. It has a long and straight outer coat, and also a soft, thick, and short undercoat. Usually, its coat is longer especially in the area around neck and chest. It comes with variety of colors and patterns just like red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, tan, and many more. Its double coat calls for brushing regularly when shedding. This dog breed became famous when Queen Victoria was impressed to a Pomeranian from Italy, and took a specimen of it to England. After that, this dog breed became renowned and made a name for itself eventually. Pomeranian dogs are normally lively, alert, proud and inquisitive. Nonetheless, they have a tendency to be timid when being surrounded by strangers. Considering that Pomerians are sensible dogs, it is simple for them to entertain individuals. They can be the family’s perfect pet given that they enjoy to socialize and can be properly trained. The dog breed Pomeranian could be really devoted to their owners and family, which is among their incredible characteristics. Because of this, this small breed of dog is picked as pet by a lot of couples with children which are being in an apartment. Irrespective of the age, Pomeranian dogs can get on well with kids and their masters. Pomeranians can secure their dwelling places simply because they are very protective. That’s the key reason why having them as guard dogs is all worthwhile. Moreover, their small size suits perfect for homes with very limited space. They are still active even though they are inside the house. The Pomeranian requires some exercise; a little walk everyday would be good. Always remember not to overexpose these dogs outdoors given that they are naturally family oriented. A Pomeranian is expected to live for nearly sixteen years. It can live longer than the other dog breeds. But it is possible for them to suffer heart problems, eye infections, dislocated patella, tooth decay, and skin irritation. Pomeranian dogs tend to pick the foods they would like to eat. It is better to always give them dry foods and crunchy milk bones for their gums and teeth to be healthy. Pomeranians are known to be the most saleable pet worldwide. In fact, they are being bought by many even when how to take care of them appropriately is not known. These dogs need love and care. When you plan to adopt Pomeranian, be an accountable owner to them.